Whose money is it anyway (2)?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a rather bad tempered piece about an Artemis Profit Hunter ad.  I said that the copy was far too self-congratulatory, praising the fund managers for their courage and determination and completely failing to recognise that it’s our money they’re being so brave with.

The weakness of the blog was that I didn’t have the ad in front of me, and couldn’t remember if the copy was quite as pleased with itself as I was imagining.  I now do have the ad in front of me, and here’s the main part of the copy so you can judge for yourself:

Adverse conditions are a fact of life for the Profit Hunter.  Trying the patience of even the most seasoned hands.  But for this intrepid band there is no thought of turning back.  Or wavering from their course.  You see experience has taught them that before long a brighter outlook will return.  Indeed their legendary mettle has been forged through years of triumph and tribulation.  And as ever more hunters join the wider hunt, they move forward shoulder to shoulder.  Jaws set, gaze steady.  Ever onward.

I think it was Woody  Allen who defined a stockbroker as someone who looks after your money until it’s all gone.  On the basis of this copy, it seems that an Artemis fund manager does much the same thing – just with more testosterone.


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