When I get a clear week or two, I’ll delete this blog’s spam

Deleting spam “comments” has always been one of the more tiresome chores involved in maintaining this blog – as far as I can see you can only delete them twenty at a time, and to delete each batch requires three or four mouse-clicks.

But recently the volume of spam that has been coming through has increased to a terrifying extent, and the backlog of undeleted rubbish has now risen to over 15,000 messages. In batches of 20, I reckon that makes 750 deletion cycles – and with the mountain of rubbish increasing by something like 500 a day, I’m pretty sure that getting rid of it all is now a task too big to tackle.

If anyone knows of a way to bulk-delete WordPress spam, I’d be very pleased if they’d pass it on to me.  And meanwhile, if anyone would like to know where they can find fake Burberry sunglasses, Karen Millen clothing or Uggs, please let me know.  I have some 15,000 – no, make that 15,500 – different directions I can point them in.

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