Unusually good joke, typically poor timing

If it’s true that timing is everything in comedy, then I’m afraid that for the 10,000th year running the agency Christmas card is going to fall a bit flat.  Yes, you’ve guessed it, 12 December and it went to print yesterday.

The lateness is particularly indefensible this year because we actually agreed on the idea two or three weeks ago now.  Unfortunately, Martin, whose idea it was, then promptly disappeared on a ten-day pre-Christmas holiday, and of course while he was away his idea gathered no snow or holly but rather a thin layer of dust.

So the timing of the card, just like the timing of 99.999% of all agency house jobs, is terrible.  Which is a pity, because the joke itself is Christmassy, simple, funny and as far as I know original, which I think you’ll agree is an unusually strong combination of characteristics.   I suppose I ought to give you a link to it, or even include a picture of it, but obviously I can’t, or not yet anyway – as I think I mentioned, the artwork’s at the printers.

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