This could be the last time (well, at least, in 2007)

I’ll probably make my customary token appearance in the office on Christmas Eve, drifting in to see whether there’s anyone who wants to go to lunch, but for me today is the last serious working day of 2007 and, I strongly suspect, this is the last blog entry till 2008.

Speaking for myself, and despite everything, I’ve liked 2007 and will be sorry to see it go.  As far as the financial world is concerned, I guess it will go down as the year of Northern Rock and the credit crunch.  But for us here at the agency, the main memories will be on a somewhat smaller scale:  two weddings (Sue and Andy, Sarah and Tim), a couple of new babies, some very good work, some important departures (including both Rupert Pybus and Sean Ingram, the two senior directors who came on board at the time of the merger with Ping Communications), some equally-important new arrivals, a couple of very good parties, and, oh yes, of course, we mustn’t forget the fact that we sold the business back in the early summer.

And then of course for me personally, the main event of the year was something else again, namely clambering back up into the Creative Director’s chair after a six-year gap back in May.  With the greatest respect to all three of the people who did this job between 2001 and 2007, as soon as I started doing it again I wondered why I’d ever stopped.  For one thing I love it, and for another it’s a role in which I really do feel I can make a difference – at a macro level in terms of the shape and structure of the department, and at a micro level in terms of each individual piece of work we produce for our clients. 

It is hard work, especially considering that I haven’t actually given up any of my other jobs in order to make time for it, and I do worry in particular that I’m not finding as much time for my business development work.  But don’t feel too sorry for me.  As you can see, I’m still finding time to keep this blog going - assuming I that I do manage to write something in 2008, it’ll successfully make it into its third year – so, let’s face it, I can’t be that bloody busy.

Have a good Christmas.  I certainly intend to. 

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