The girls in bikinis are back in Camden Road

Just in the last few days they’ve reappeared, clustering in small group at bus stops from Torriano Avenue down to Camden Town tube.  In this miserable weather, you’d imagine they must be cold – but of course the fact that they’re 6-sheet Adshel poster images, not real people, means the weather affects them a lot less.

I’m pleased to see them again, I must say – partly because they’re undoubtedly easy on the eye, but also because when the bikini ad campaigns start to appear, you know that proper summer isn’t far away.  It is, I suppose, the swimwear industry’s equivalent of the financial services world’s annual ISA campaigns.  Except that few if any of them have ever been easy on the eye.  And all that they usually betoken is the imminent end of the tax year.

Sometimes I do wonder how – and why – I ever made the career choices I have made.

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