Radio advertising? I don’t like the sound of it.

The annual Money Marketing Financial Advertising awards-judging session on Tuesday, and although of course my lips are sealed I think I can say without giving too much away (or indeed without surprising anyone very much) that the radio category was a) thin and b) rubbish.

Frankly, with a few minor exceptions and one very major exception (Nationwide), it’s been thin and rubbish for years.

I can’t explain this.  Nationwide does stand there, after all, as an inspiration to us all – clients and agencies alike – shining away like a great shining beacon, or spotlight, or other shining thing, to show us what can be done.  Radio is good for verbal propositions, which are often what we have in financial services.  It’s pretty cheap to buy, and crucially – unlike TV – it’s not hard to write scripts that are quite cheap to produce.  Radio listeners are a much more diverse bunch than we sometimes imagine – even leaving aside Classic FM, it simply isn’t true that stations like Melody, TalkSport, Heart or even Virgin are the exclusive preserve of ghastly young hoodies whose only involvement with money is stealing other people’s.  And – of course I know this isn’t important – with anything half decent, you can hardly fail to win awards.

As I say, I can’t explain it – although in all honesty I probably do have to admit that we didn’t make a radio commercial in 2007.  Dunno why not, just didn’t.  But note to self:  nothing to do with the awards or anything, but I think we might recommend making a few this year.

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