Pooteresque behaviour from Camp

Charles Pooter is the fictional author of one of the funniest books ever written, George and Weedon Grossmith’s brilliant Diary of a Nobody.   Pooter makes terrible, hopelessly unfunny jokes and utterly unilluminating witticisms in his daily life, and proudly shares every single one of them with us in his diary.

Today I was making a presentation about the role of so-called “opinion leadership” in the marketing mix.  I said that to be in a position to engage people with your opinions, you need a combination of expertise and attitude.  “If you have expertise without attitude, you’re a bore,” I said.  “And if you have attitude without expertise, you’re a twat.”

Oh well.  It came across well in the meeting.   

2 thoughts on “Pooteresque behaviour from Camp

  1. “Start the Week” on Radio 4 repeated tonight at 9.30pm covers similar ground but less densely. The programme is almost interesting. Helen Mirren appears in it, for instance.

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