On the upside, they don’t trust anyone else either

Some friends with a uni-age daughter came to stay in the summer.  I can’t say it was my best-ever conversational gambit, but one breakfast-time I picked up a pot of yogurt and wondered aloud what something called bifidus, apparently a key ingredient, actually is and does.

“Don’t pay any attention to that,” said the teenager.  “It’s just some bullshit invented by the company to make you pay more.”

I know nothing about yogurt, and she may well be right.  But her total and unhesitating certainty that the company was lying and it was all just a con did make me think that it’s not just financial services providers that have trust issues these days.

One thought on “On the upside, they don’t trust anyone else either

  1. I find that youngsters from an early age can easily operate user-friendly computers but don’t know how they work. Life management is therefore easy, which means you don’t have to or want to dig deeper.

    Soon, a young person in my house will tell me what I mean, or that I shouldn’t go there. There is talk of children and people being denatured, that they don’t know basically how things work. Hang on, I’ll just call my child to confirm this…

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