Is this a question? Given my last half-dozen blogs, I should know.

You know the apocryphal story of the famous Oxford philosophy exam in which this famous question is said to have appeared (supposedly, some smart-arse student replied “Yes, if this is an answer” and got a first).

I don’t know about that, and I only read philosophy at Oxford for a term during which all we did was horrible boring difficult formal logic, which is like maths with letters instead of numbers, and no smart-arse stuff at all.  But maybe something from that famous story rubbed off on me, because I notice that my last six blogs (seven including this one) have questions in their headlines.

Does this display an unusually high level of tentativeness in my recent scribings?  Is it because a veteran copywriter told me yonks ago that a question in the headline makes what follows most likely to be read?  Is it just a not-particularly-spooky-or-interesting coincidence.

I don’t know.  But I do know how I’d have answered that apocryphal exam question:  “Yes, of course it bleedin’ is.  Ends with a question mark, doesn’t it?”

One thought on “Is this a question? Given my last half-dozen blogs, I should know.

  1. I see what you mean. A BMW is nice to drive.

    A BMW is nice to drive?

    A friend of mine in Texas has just bought a BMW 535i Sport. I have recently taken to shouting at drivers of white BMWs, “A WHITE BMW??? You hairdresser!!!” etc., to peals of laughter from my girls.

    And you know what colour my pal’s beamer is?

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