I’m back. And yes, indeed, it was a while

A bit less than two years, but a bit more than eighteen months – long enough to raise a question about whether I’m restarting my old blog, or starting a new one.

Definitely the former, I think.  For one thing, in purely practical terms I don’t know how to start a new blog.  And for another, content-wise, I’m sure I’m going to be picking up exactly where this one left off, repeatedly running through a grab-bag of half-a-dozen riffs more or less beating up financial services marketers for not being nicer to their customers.

There is one difference, though.  As I hope will become increasingly clear, this time around I’m riffing with a purpose – the purpose being to encourage both my readers to trade up, in due course, from free-to-read blog to £29.99-to-buy tome on the same narrow seam of subject matter.  When I put the blog on hold in April 2016 I said my aim was to free up some headspace to write (or rather co-write) a book about financial services marketing.  To my surprise and relief, this has turned out to be true.  The book is written, and at some point in the first half of 2018 it will be published by leading business publishers Wiley.

(I still have to say “at some point” because at the moment we haven’t resolved a bit of a timing nightmare concerning my co-author. leading challenger banker Anthony Thomson.  Being a (or indeed the) leading challenger banker seems to involve a relentless schedule of long-haul travel, interspersed only with the odd day or two every now and then in this country,  We haven’t yet landed (pun intended) on an odd day or two sufficient for the task of squeezing in a book launch, but it looks like some time in May.

Between now and then, my plan is to build up to a crescendo of excitement so that on P-Day both of this blog’s readers are desperate to lay their hands on a copy.  Right now, it’s a low-key start.  I’m not telling you the publication date, or the book’s title or anything about its content, or, perhaps most importantly, providing a link to our Amazon ordering page..  But just you wait.  The momentum will soon start building.

5 thoughts on “I’m back. And yes, indeed, it was a while

  1. Of course you’re right, Simon, but this is the Age Of Social Media. Before I can do as you suggest, I have to send out volleys of tweets, retweets, likes, shares, posts and other such nonsense, regardless of whether anyone is remotely interested or not.. In the end, though, you’re absolutely right – the publishers do expect Anthony and me to shell out for a stack of (quite heavily discounted) copies, which we’re supposed to put in the post to any friends or contacts who we hope wouldn’t be too appalled to receive one.

  2. I am obviously struggling with the modern era. Witness the double comment above (and, worse, the missing word in the first one which completely destroyed any chance of the comment amusing your other reader). Do please delete the first comment so that I don’t look so wretched, when internet archeologists look back at this blog in the centuries to come.

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