If it’s not Rainham Steel, it’s . . . Watson Wyatt???

Footbal afficionados will know that I’m back onto the subject of perimeter advertising, something which always offers me some interest no matter what’s happening on the field.

During last week’s England vs Andorra debacle, I was up for any kind of distraction, but in fact a truly startling one – one that would have diverted me from even the most wonderful game – appeared at the pitchside every few minutes:  large animated banners for the leading firm of consulting actuaries, Watson Wyatt.

Unlike Rainham Steel, who advertise at every match (see entry a couple of weeks ago), I’ve never seen Watson Wyatt advertise at a football match before, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they never do so again.  They don’t seem to have any of the attributes necessary to be either a “serious” perimeter advertiser (large mass-market global brand, high awareness, strategic commitment) or indeed to be a Rainham Steel-style “capricious” advertiser (football-loving owner with deep pockets).  All the same, there must be a reason for it.  Someone somewhere has decided this is a good thing for Watson Wyatt to do: I just canot imagine who or why.

You may think I’m worrying about this too much, but I assure you I’m not alone.  Shock waves will have gone through the world of actuarial consulting.  What will happen next?  Mercers sponsoring the World Darts Championship?  Tillinghast Towers Perrin making a strategic investment in dog racing?  We wait with bated breath. 

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