How come I’m on the bench, not on the pitch, today?

An interesting and difficult pitch taking place this morning, and I’m not part of it.  There are some good reasons – mainly that it came in at very short notice and I’ve been really busy, but also it’s much more about strategy than it is about creative and my esteemed colleague Chris Bromiley, our fairly recently-appointed planning director, can certainly take the lead in that area without me hovering about.

Still, I must own up to some slightly mixed feelings.  On the one hand, I’ve always loved pitching and I’m sorry not to be part of it.  On the other hand, I can’t deny that my recent record has been distinctly Derby County-esque, and objectively it would have been hard to pick me on current form.  And on the third hand, or possibly first foot, it would be absolutely brilliant if we won it without me being involved, because it would help to convince everyone – internally and externally – that these days we have real strength in depth across the team. 

The clients are in at 10, and the pitch team are all looking a lot smilier this morning than they were yesterday afternoon.  I hope they do really really well and reduce the other pitching agencies to rubble.  And I hope they miss me just a little bit too. 

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