Don’t bother with this one, non-football fans

Or do I mean “football non-fans”?  Anyway, the thing is, a couple of weeks into the new football season, which team is it that’s bestriding the lofty pinnacle of the Premiership (sounds painful) like the proverbial Colossus?  Answer:  the mighty Spurs.

It’s been a very long time indeed since we did much bestriding, so I must say that casting one’s eye over the league table looking for our name, and finding it not towards the bottom….or even in the middle…or indeed the upper middle…or the higher reaches….but right up there in the nosebleed zone, at the very, very top, makes an extremely welcome change.

Will it last?  Well, all my experience as a Spurs supporter says that more than anything else, my beloved team is infinitely creative and resourceful in its ability to deliver unpleasant surprises.  There are, of course, plenty of examples of teams hitting the heights at these early stages and then plunging like weighted sacks from the autumn right through to the end of the season the following spring.  And anyway, these days no-one – least of all anyone who works in financial services marketing - goes in for any kind of long-term, or even medium-term, forecasting. 

All I will say is that it’s great while it lasts.  And perhaps I’m feeling just about bold enough to add that since we’re playing lowly Birmingham at home at the weekend, I’m inclined to think that it’ll go on being great while it lasts for one more week, at least.  But knowing the mighty Spurs as well as I do, I’m feeling even as I write this paragraph that I’ve probably stuck my neck out further than I should. 

That’s it.  End of entry.  If you were a non-football fan hoping that this tedious and rather muted gloating was going to lead to some sort of pithy analogy with, or insight into, the world of financial services marketing, I can only apologise:  it isn’t. 


One thought on “Don’t bother with this one, non-football fans

  1. As they say at Notts County these days, selling your soul is insolubly part of the game of life. Aye, we must all one day stand up to be countied. Let he who, etc.

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