Another day, another rubbish PA system

Out again yesterday evening, this time to hear a talk about Brexit, and for the second day running everything was fine except that we couldn’t actually hear most of it.  This time the problems were a) the French host’s heavily-accented English, b) the fact that the PA made the sound louder but incomprehensibly distorted, c) the main speaker’s extraordinarily rapid delivery, which made me wonder if he has a lucrative sideline in reading out the health warnings in mortgage and investment radio commercials, and d) the absence of a roaming mike, working or otherwise, so we couldn’t hear the questions from the floor.

I’m sorry, I know it’s bad form to use a public medium like a blog to bang on about personal irritations, but surely at this stage of the information revolution we ought to be able to communicate with each other within the confines of a single, smallish space better than this?

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