Actually, a good analogy just came to mind for this TSB business

My mother’s garden suffers from something called Honey Fungus.  This is a vicious and deadly fungus which lurks indestructibly under the ground – and bursts out, quite unpredictably, every now and then, to destroy some innocent and innocuous plant, shrub or tree.  There’s nothing to be done.  No matter how carefully my mother has tended the plant, shrub or tree, the honey fungus can kill it in a matter of days.

In this analogy, obviously, the plant, shrub or tree is a carefully-nurtured brand;  my mother is the marketing team responsible for the careful nurturing;  and the honey fungus is an IT meltdown like the one TSB is currently suffering.

Like all analogies, it breaks down if you push it too far.  I think honey fungus is always fatal, but TSB will live to fight another day.  But it wouldn’t work half as well if the fungus wasn’t deadly.

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