Aaargh, it seems that Money Marketing’s readers agree with me

When you fancy yourself as a contrarian, there are few things worse than being agreed with.

I wrote a piece in last week’s Money Marketing about annuities, saying that from a consumer point of view they’re a good thing in principle and it’s really bad that the industry has abused them so badly in practice.  (You’ll find it here if you’re interested:

It’s true that the main reaction to this has, inevitably, been indifference – the article has only attracted six comments, and one of them is from a friend so it doesn’t really count.

But of the other five, four are definitely supportive and one, which is hard to make much sense of, may well be.

Actually, to be honest, I’m quite enjoying the unfamiliar glow of being agreed with.  But it’s not an experience that I want to enjoy too much – next time, I’ll have to find a really controversial angle.

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